About Me

Who am I?

I'm a part time e-student and full time web developer. I love creating web apps and I'm always looking for a new project or technology to dive into. When I'm not writing code you may find me listening to an audio book, playing a flight sim or drafting some design assets for a side project. There's a thin line between work and play!


I work for Synergy Networks in Fort Myers Florida. My role is to design and build responsive websites for our clients from the ground up.

I frequently do freelance work for Webfinn in my free time (say that 10 times fast), a local startup focusing on building web apps and APIs for businesses.

My Stuff

Outside the 9-5 I love learning about new habits and tech to implement in my work. I always keep my feet moving forward, the more I learn the more fun opportunities arise. A highlight of projects I'm working on right now include an online art store for a friend and my own progressive web app that showcases a database of WW2 fighter planes and related info for those warbird junkies like myself. Check it out in my portfolio and see where I'm at in it's progress.